Swimmers should arrive poolside 10 minutes prior to the start of each scheduled training session and prepared to enter the pool at the beginning of the session. buy cheap Clomiphene pills Training Equipment

Each swimmer should be attired in appropriate swimwear and female swimmers are advised to wear a swim cap.  It is strongly recommended that all swimmers be in possession of swimming goggles. Swimmers should also attend training with a means of hydration, water, etc. to support their training.

The following equipment is recommended for all swimmers as it is frequently used during training:

Spare costume                                              Spare goggles

Pool Buoy                                                      Kick Board

Swimming Fins                                            Net Bag

Snorkel: Upon recommendation of coach

Paddles: Upon recommendation of coach

*New parents please consult with your swimmers’ coach prior to purchasing items. 

* Swimmers name should be placed on ALL belongings

Sources of Training Equipment

Wright Sport: Often in attendance at regional meets and always provide sound advice. Swimmer is able to try on swimwear before purchase.

Located in Glasgow Area: 0141 637 7001.

Other sources include:

Pro Swimwear: