Frequently Asked Questions

discover this info here buy metformin tablets uk Do I need a technical suit (like those in the Olympics) to compete in swimming?

No, you don’t! Technical suits are very expensive and used by elite swimmers during championship-level swim meets. An affordable yet high-quality swimsuit can be purchased either online or in a sports retailer store.

How do I know what time I will be swimming?

Swim meet events do not typically run by the clock. Swim meets begin at a designated time, and proceed through the event list in consecutive order, regardless of how long it takes. It is up to you to know what events and heats you are competing in, and to be aware of the pace in which the meet is running at. Confused? Ask someone on the pool deck for help in understanding what heat it is.

What if I need/want to cancel an event?

That’s perfectly fine! Although we like to encourage our athletes to push themselves and swim through their nerves, sometimes you just have to cancel or skip an event. You might not get a refund on your meet fee, but the heat will just go on without you in the lane. You need to inform your coach as early as possible.

I placed in an event, where do I pick up my medal/ribbon?

Most meets have a reward ceremony at the conclusion of the meet. We encourage you to stay at the meet until the end, and cheer for those who cheered you on earlier in the day!

How do I find out how I did in my event?

Shortly after your event ends, meet officials will print out an official document with all of the results. You can usually find these distributed around the pool about 5-10 minutes after your event ends. You can also check most results on the Meet Mobile app.

Do I need to cool down after I race?

Yes, we highly encourage all swimmers to do a cool down after each heat.

Can I use fins or a pull buoy in a race?

No! You cannot use any equipment in a swim race other than a regulated swimsuit, cap, and goggles.

What happens if I don’t show up to my heat?

You will be a scratch and you will be disqualified. The heat will go on without you, and they will not make an announcement. If you are part of a relay team, and you do not show up, your entire relay team will be disqualified.

How are the events timed?

Events are typically timed with an electronic touchpad that is connected to the swim meet’s timing system and scoreboard. Swimmers finish their final lap and aggressively press their fingers into the touchpad to record their final times. Almost every meet also has a meet official designated to each lane to record your swim with a handheld stopwatch, just in case the touchpad fails and doesn’t register your time.

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