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Code of Ethics and Conduct

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  • Not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, language, religion, birth or social status.
  • Put the well being, health and safety of members above all considerations.
  • Respect other person’s basic human rights and dignity.
  • Treat all personal information about individual members as confidential, except in exceptional circumstances regarding health and safety or medical requirements.
  • Sign the club Code of Ethics and Conduct (Including parents of swimmers under 16 years) before being accepted into membership.
  • All club coaches working within the club must sign the Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct, which has been endorsed  by Scottish Swimming.

A swimmer will commit to:

  • Consistent attendance at training and recommended competitions.
  • Give respect and support to the staff and the training programme.
  • Hard work, both in the pool and land conditioning (where appropriate).
  • Always listen attentively and try to learn something on every occasion.
  • Be early for each session to enable a warm up before each training session starts.
  • Respond well to challenges which are set and always communicate self esteem.
  • Be responsible for keeping a record of your own best competition times.
  • Wear Club kit at training sessions, and particularly at competitions and medal presentation ceremonies.
  • Participate in fund-raising events when requested by the Fund-raising Committee.