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Once again the Tryst Sports Centre lived up to its moniker this past weekend as it was the venue for the Cumbernauld Swimming Clubs’ annual Spring Graded Meet.  As always the local swimmers looked to press their home advantage and they certainly rose to the occasion, with more than 200 personal best times recorded by our athletes over the weekend!

Saturday saw the younger swimmers take centre stage, competing in age groups of 8-9, 10 and 11 years for both boys and girls.

For the boys, 9 year old Euan Neilson led the charge, striking Gold in the 100 metre Freestyle and Breaststroke, Silver in the 200 metre Individual Medley and 50 metre Butterfly, and Bronze in both the 50 metre Freestlye and 100 metre Breaststroke.

The Age 10 category was well represented, with Andrew Brackenridge earning Gold in the 100 metre Breaststroke, 100 metre Butterfly and 200 metre Individual Medley along with a Bronze in the 100 metre Freestyle. Alfie Smith reached the podium 4 times, powering his way to Gold in both the 100 metre Backcrawl and 50 metre Freestyle to add to Silver medals in the 200 metre Individual Medley and 100 metre Freestyle events.  Ewan Stevenson finished out the age group with Silver medals in the 100 metre Backcrawl, 100 metre Butterfly and 50 metre Freestyle.

Dylan McShane represented the 11 year old boys with a Gold in the 100 metre Backcrawl and a Silver in the 100 metre Freestyle.

In the Girls category, 10 year old Eireann Ferris powered her way to Gold in the 100 metre Backcrawl and Olivia Timmons earned a Bronze in the 100 metre Butterfly, while 11 year old Madison Gallacher also earned a Gold in the 100 metre Backcrawl and Darby Patmore a Bronze in the 100 metre Butterfly.

Sunday brought another day of quality swimming with the older children competing in the 12, 13 and 14 year age groups.

14 year old Lucy Paterson was in great form, striking Gold in the 100 metre Freestyle and a pair of Bronze in the 200 metre Individual Medley and 50 metre Freestyle events, while 13 year old Hanna Liddle earned a Gold in the 200 metre Individual Medley and a Silver in the 100 metre Breaststroke.

Luke Johnson led the Sunday medal parade for the boys, powering his way to Gold in the 100 metre Breaststroke as well as the 100 and 50 metre Freestyle events, while Callum Ravey also visited the podium with a Silver in the 100 metre Butterfly.

Jonathan Timmons doubled down on Gold in the 200 metre Individual Medley and 100 metre Backcrawl as well as earning a Silver in the 100 metre Freestyle for the Age 14 boys category.  Stephen Rock turned consistency into 3 medals, earning a Silver in the 100 metre Breaststroke as well as Bronze in both the 100 metre Freestyle and 200 metre Individual Medley, while Ben Brown sprinted to Gold in the 50 metre Freestyle. 

Jamie Glenn led the charge for the 12 year old boys with a Gold in the 100 metre Freestyle and a Silver in the 100 metre Backcrawl, while age mates Jack Bath and Matthew McEwan each struck for Silver, Jack in the 100 metre Butterfly and Matthew in the 50 metre Freestyle.

Another fantastic weekend for our Cumbernauld athletes as they continue to progress in their sport.  Well done swimmers! m

West District Pre-SNAGS News Report

Swimmers from the Cumbernauld Swimming Club made the short trip down the M73 to the Tollcross International Swimming Centre this past weekend in a final attempt to secure qualification times for the Scottish National Age Group Championships which will be held at the end of the month.  Most of our swimmers had already secured their places in the events they wish to swim but this final opportunity hosted by the SASA West District enabled them to potentially improve their times and thus their seeding at the National Championships.

In an event designed solely to improve the times of the swimmers, our athletes still managed to grab a few medals along the way.  Craig Greenock again showed his prowess in the Butterfly events by winning the Boys Age 14 and above 100 metre event and earning a Silver in the 200 metre Butterfly.  Team mate Michael Flynn powered his way to a Silver medal in the 800 metre Freestyle.

Emma Creaney swam a personal best time in the 11-13 year old Girls 200 metre Freestyle to secure a Silver medal, while also finishing 6th in the 100 metre Freestyle in a personal best time.  Madison Gallacher also grabbed a medal in the 11-13 girls 100 metre Butterfly, while earning another personal best time and finishing 4th in the 100 metre freestyle. 

Well done to all our swimmers, many of whom earned personal bests over the weekend and several who managed to earn a place in the National Age Group Championships. ty52 \ls

Cumbernauld Spring Graded Meet

The Cumbernauld Spring Graded Meet results are now available on the website.

To view the results please CLICK HERE.

Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part.

Falkirk Mini Meet

The acceptances and programme for the Falkirk Mini Meet are now available on the website.

To view the acceptances please CLICK HERE.

To view the programme please CLICK HERE.

If any swimmers find they can no longer participate in this event can they inform their coach as soon as possible.

Annual Sprint Championships 2019

Can all swimmers and parents please note that there has been a further change to the dates for the club sprint championships.

The dates are now Tuesday 16th & 23 April, 7th & 21st May and 4th June

The changes can be seen by going to the Club Championships page on web page.

Cumbernauld Spring Graded

The programme and acceptances for the Cumbernauld Spring Graded Meet are now available on the website.

To view the Acceptances please CLICK HERE.

To view the Programme please CLICK HERE.

As always if any swimmer finds that they can no longer take part in this meet can they let their coach know as soon as possible.

North Lanarkshire Mini Meet

North Lanarkshire Mini Meet

Thanks to all swimmers and parents who took part in the first mini meet. It was a great night with some outstanding pbs. As this was the first meet of the new venture there were some small issues and for future please note awards will be for top 3 swimmers in each age group only. Hopefully the relays will be included in the next meet. Thanks for all your support 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

Falkirk Otter Mini Meet

We have been asked by the organisers of the Falkirk Otter Mini Meet to bring to the attention of all parents/guardians, swimmers, coaches and technical officials attending, the following Health and Safety documentation.

Please CLICK HERE to view the document.

If anyone has any questions please let us know and we will refer it back to the host club.

Meet Results

The results for the following meets are now available on the website:

Bellshill Sharks Open Meet: Please CLICK HERE to view.

NL Mini League: Please CLICK HERE to view.

Congratulations to all who took part in these meets