Message of thanks from visiting club parents

We have received the following message from the parents of swimmers competing at the meet last weekend and I felt it was important to share their comments:

‘Hi, I am the parent of Lucy and Amy Grieve from South Ayrshire Swim team and I just wanted to express my thanks to all those involved in the organising and running of your meet this weekend. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed their weekend. In particular I would very much like to thank you for the special presentation recognising Lucy’s record, the next few weeks until the British age groups are always hard and this year in particular being 15 there will be a huge social sacrifice by her and these extra acknowledgements of her successes are very important. As her parents we just wanted to say thank you for that extra thought, it means a lot. The commentating was brilliant as always and we look forward to racing in Cumbernauld again. With thanks Tracy and Stuart Grieve’

Well done to everyone involved.